July 27, 2022

Atlanta Sky line

The Unique Angles of Atlanta: Great Places to Take a Photo

There’s no doubt that Atlanta is a truly magical and unique place to call home. From foodies to musicians to photographers and even outdoor enthusiasts, our city offers a little bit of something for everyone.

If you are looking for some amazing places to take some photos in and around Atlanta, look no further. Redfin reached out to myself and other local Atlanta photographers for the best spots to take pictures in Atlanta.

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Those lucky enough to live in Atlanta and call it home know how much this city has to offer. From the lively music scene to the endless recreational activities, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. With a plethora of parks, lakes, and nearby hikes, the amount of green space in Atlanta is unmatched – and don’t even get us started on the diverse food options. So whether you’ve just moved across town, or signed a lease on a new apartment in Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood, you’ll quickly find there’s always something new to discover in this booming metro.

To get a unique perspective of the city, we reached out to local Atlanta photographers for some of the best places to take pictures in Atlanta and new spots you may have never known existed. From nearby wonders like Arabia Mountain to the vibrant Westside Provisions District, read on to discover new spots to check out.

Atlanta BeltLine

“For vibrant photos with colorful murals, the BeltLine is a prime spot, however, just watch out for oncoming bicyclists and pedestrians because it can get hectic,” shares Thu Tran of 2TPhoto. “The corridor closest to Piedmont park is great, but there are lively locations at every turn. For an adventure, rent a bike and take a little tour – making stops along the way is a part of the fun.”

Atlanta-based photographer Kris Janovitz adds, “One of my favorite spots is the Hense Wall (pastel spots) on the BeltLine. The lighting here is always great and is considered a very Instagrammable scene – you may have to be patient on weekends to get a photo without a biker, skater, or runner going by, or an influencer using the same spot. Another great place to take pictures is the Brandon Sadler Mural on the other side of the tunnel.”

Alpharetta City Center

If you’re looking to explore beyond the downtown Atlanta area, consider hopping over to Alpharetta City Center. “The new city center is a great mix of greenery and park trails, cute townhomes with walk-up staircases resembling streets in NYC, and bustling cafes and shops with colorful awnings and outdoor seating,” says Atlanta Branding Photographer, Katya Vilchyk. “I can always find an amazing variety of backdrops for personal branding portraits for a variety of business professionals, from realtors and life coaches to writers and fellow photographers.”

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

Located east of Atlanta along I-20, the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area encompasses 40,000 miles for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Kristina SV Photography raves, “With stunning views and incredible sunsets, Arabia Mountain is hands-down one of my favorite spots. Whenever I have a session there, it feels like an adventure. Even though it’s near Atlanta, a lot of people have never been there before, so it makes for a special experience.”

Cator Woolford Gardens at The Frazer Center

If you’re looking for something a little more off the beaten path, Michelle Davina Photography says Cator Woolford Gardens is the spot. “While this floral garden oasis isn’t too hidden since it’s a popular spot for photographers, it’s definitely situated like a hidden space. I love its dramatic staircase and its long wooded cover driveway entrance. Depending on the time of year, there are either beautiful florals or gorgeous fall leaves.”

Downtown Decatur

Another nearby area with its own unique energy is Downtown Decatur, which is roughly 20 minutes outside of downtown Atlanta. Here you’ll find plenty of restaurants, shops, and great spots for taking photos.

“Downtown Decatur is one of our favorite photography spots in the greater Atlanta area. Known for its artistic vibe, this area serves up all kinds of creativity in us for photo shoots,” recommends Viridian Images Photography.

Duck Pond Park

“One of my favorite photography spots is Duck Pond Park in the Peachtree Heights East neighborhood. True to its name, it’s a serene natural space with a stone wall-lined pond, 2 pedestrian bridges, manicured pathways, and home to many different ducks,” shares Ashley Berrie Photography.

“Weeping Willows are accompanied by rustic stone benches adding to the location’s charm. The Duck Pond is nestled in the middle of many beautiful homes and right off Peachtree Road. You feel like you’ve totally left the city but, in fact, are right in the middle of it all.”

East Atlanta Village

A lively and vibrant neighborhood, East Atlanta Village is an excellent area for music lovers and foodies alike. As you’re exploring the neighborhood, you’ll find locally-owned shops, a wide variety of restaurants, farmer’s markets, and more.

“Since I live close to East Atlanta Village, I like to take funkier family shots with the murals around the village. For a more traditional session, I love going to John C Howell Park – a neighborhood pocket park with easy accessibility for all family members,” says Dani Weiss Photography.

Freeman’s Mill Park

“A hidden gem and one of my favorite outdoor locations is Freeman’s Mill Park in Lawrenceville,” recommends KK Horhn Photography. “The park features a gorgeous waterfall, a scenic walking trail, and tall trees that provide the perfect backdrop for your next photo shoot.”

This park is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and is perfect if you want a quieter outdoor area with both history and scenery.

Garrard Landing Park

“My favorite place to photograph in Atlanta is Garrard Landing Park. At this quiet and expansive park, you’ll find a covered bridge, beautiful open fields, a small creek, and a little pond that make a perfect backdrop for photos,” shares Mariela Duval Photography. “The tall grass adds beautiful texture for pictures, while the sunset makes for gorgeous backlit images. I also like to take my clients at the end of the session to the water plant which has a gorgeous brick road and a view overlooking the park to give a different scenery.”

Jackson Street Bridge

“One of Atlanta’s most iconic vantage points for viewing its gleaming skyline is the Jackson Street Bridge. It was the notable setting used in the series pilot of The Walking Dead and is always in high demand by local wedding couples, photographers, movie directors, and tourists,” shares photographer Denis Reggie.

Jina Lee Photography adds, “Jackson Street Bridge is an old-time favorite for many photographers but is not used too often in portrait photography. This location provides a gorgeous view of the downtown Atlanta skyline and makes for the perfect backdrop for shoots during the coveted golden hour. A big plus is that it’s close to Inman Park, another one of my favorite locations to shoot at. Being close to both gives you a great variety of a city vibe with a little bit of greenery mixed in,”

“I lived in the O4W for quite a few years before I ventured over to the Jackson Street Bridge for the best view of the Atlanta skyline,” says Kelli Price Photography. “For the best light, schedule your session about one hour before sunset, and be prepared to work around other photographers and their tripods.”

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is a local favorite in Atlanta, and for good reason. “It’s one of the prettiest locations to shoot throughout the entire year. You get foliage, skyline, and nature all in one,” boasts Matt Odom Photography.

Atlanta photographer Matt Garr adds, “There are endless opportunities for portraits with a variety of backdrops at Piedmont Park. It’s one of the most popular locations for a reason. With multiple points of public transit access and plenty of parking, it’s easy to coordinate photoshoots here. My favorite location is Oak Hill because you get a wide and open column to photograph couples or individual portraits.”

“Every corner of this location offers inspiration with a beautiful view of Midtown, a lake within the park, and a short walk to the BeltLine,” shares photographer Lynsey Weatherspoon.

If you’re in search of a great park to enjoy the sun, or you’re looking for a wide variety of backdrops, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Piedmont Park. Paris Mountain Photography says, “There are so many backdrops all in one space. There’s green space, rock walls, skylines, lakes and docks and so much more. I can spend hours in this one park and get hundreds of unique photos.”

If you still aren’t convinced how wonderful of a spot this park is, Paul Daniel Photography adds, “My favorite photography spot is at Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park. At this location, you get a wonderful mix of Atlanta’s metropolitan skyline in the background, which lights up colorfully at night, with a healthy dose of wildlife and nature in the foreground. The icing on the cake is the sunsets behind the skyline.”

Pine Lake

Established in 1937 originally as a weekend getaway community, Pine Lake is the smallest city in Dekalb County which many artists and musicians now call home. Cindy of C Brown Photo shares that this gem is one of her favorite places in the Atlanta area for taking photos of its gorgeous natural scenery.

“Pine Lake is full of turtles, fish, two sets of wetlands with ducks and herons, and tree-covered streets with a variety of cottages, homes, and apartments inhabited by all types of people. This small town is the perfect location for nature photographers, landscape photographers, and portrait photographers. But what I love most is photographing the events and people of Pine Lake – the town comes to life for community events.”

Ponce City Market

Another favorite spot in Atlanta is Ponce City Market. “I love how colorful and vibrant the whole area is, and the best part is that it’s constantly changing. The mixture of local artwork alongside the industrial aesthetic of a revitalized warehouse from days gone by is truly unique and a photographer’s dream” shares Rebecca Enslein of The Studio B Photography.

Ashley McBroom Photography adds, “There are many different backdrops packed with color and texture, from painted murals to rustic wood to industrial designs. And if you can plan your visit close to sunset, the city skyline views from Skyline Park at the top are amazing.”

Ponce City Market offers an endless amount of options for photographers and foodies alike. “I love the options for a variety of looks both inside and outside of the property, but I especially love the colors and youthfulness of The Roof for taking photos of my children. Pro tip: there are photography guidelines for shooting here so be sure to review them beforehand,” says Elizabeth Buergler Photography.

Roswell Mill

Casey McMinn Photography says that one of the best spots to take pictures in the Atlanta area is the Roswell Mill. “There are so many beautiful spaces here – from the beautiful covered bridge to the walking trails, waterfall, and other little nooks and crannies. It’s also located close to downtown Roswell so you can get a bite to eat after.”

Whether you’re wanting to spend the day exploring outdoors or you want a great spot for photos in nature, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Stone Mountain Park

Whether you want a peaceful weekend getaway immersed in nature or want to enjoy a round of golf and grab a bite to eat, Stone Mountain Park offers something for everyone. With over 3,200 acres of natural beauty, there are endless recreational activities.

Images by N’neka boasts, “It’s one of my favorite places because of the endless locations for a photo shoot inside the park. There are scenic trails, a lake, mountain views, and city views on the summit. Quick tip – if you’re planning to wear heels, bring a pair of walking shoes too.” A true gem in the Atlanta area, you’ll definitely want to add this as a spot to explore as you continue getting to know your new city this summer.

Westside Provisions District

Mike Glatzer Photography weighs in on another great location for tasty bites, unique shops, and taking pictures in Atlanta. “I love capturing portraits at Westside Provisions District because of the variety it offers. Whether it’s the bridge to JCT Kitchen, the neon wall in front of Little Trouble, or the clean white concrete walkway, and steps at Yeah! Burger, or the texture from Brash Coffee’s walls – you can get so much variety in just a few steps. It’s all located in West Midtown, which has good views of the skyline, a great urban and industrial look overall, and some stellar bars and restaurants like West Egg Cafe and Ormsby’s to thoroughly enjoy.”

“One of the most versatile outdoor locations is in the Westside Provisions District. Home to many popular shopping spots, it’s a great location for shooting branding sessions, families, and more,” adds RaQuita Weathers of Belle Rouge Photography. “No matter how many photographers you run into on the stretch, everyone’s work will be completely unique which is what’s so great about this location.”

Another reason why Westside Provisions District is a favorite and one of the best places to take pictures in Atlanta is for the endless creative opportunities here. K. Boyer Photography says, “It’s an urban location with plenty of greenery, wonderful lines, an old railway bridge, lots of ironwork, and beautiful shops and restaurants so I can always create beautiful imagery with a wide array of looks here. The wide walkways with colorful flowerpots and textured walls allow plenty of space and creative options. The variety of outdoor dining options, bright umbrellas, and vibrantly colored chairs make for great backdrops.”

Winn Park

While there are many parks to explore in Atlanta, Nastja Photography recommends Winn Park as one of the best places to take pictures in Atlanta. “It changes so much with each season and has enough shade to shoot throughout the day. It’s small enough to not get tired of walking but still has so much variety at the same time – truly a hidden gem in Atlanta.”

Located in the Ansley Park neighborhood, Winn Park is a great spot to enjoy some peace and quiet in the city or ride a bike. If you’ve been looking for your go-to dog walking park or a spot to photograph nature, be sure to check it out.

W Marietta St. Bridge

If you’re looking to see your new city from a unique view, consider passing over the W. Marietta St. Bridge. Susan J Photography shares that this is one of her favorite locations because it overlooks the railroad tracks, offering leading lines, trains, and a beautiful view of the city. “Don’t forget to shoot on both sides of the bridge, especially at sunset.”

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