October 5, 2020

baby girl Ali photograph in Atlanta studio

Newborn Photos in Atlanta – Baby Cameron

Welcome to the world, baby Cameron – newborn photos captured in our studios in Atlanta!

I was thrilled when Kim contacted me about newborn photos for her first baby. Kim and I had worked together as pharmacist at the hospital about 10 years ago. Therefore, I was super excited when she contacted me about documenting these precious times. She hired me at the end of her second trimester. Pnce baby arrived, and while still in the hospital, mom contacted me to finalized her photo session date. I photographed Cameron when she was 9 days old.

For the newborn photos, Kim wanted to use similar colors that they used for the nursery. She chose creams, pink, gray, lavender. The baby looked stunning in all those color. Cameron was such a great model and gave me some great eye contact. Babies at this age can not really focus well. Getting them to look at the camera is therefore a challenge. But I got lucky, and got some great eye contact and even a few smiles!

It is really a matter of luck to capture those fleeting smiles, but I always get so excited when I do! And I count my blessings when I get more than one.

I always encourage parents to get in front of the camera for some family photos. I know you are exhausted, but the effort is definitely worth it! We want to capture connection with the baby. Very soon, that baby will not fit so tiny in your arms, but you will always remember such precious moments.

I absolutely love having the honor to photograph these little human beings. You can see their personality come through even at such a young age.

Please contact me to learn more about newborn photos in Atlanta. Remember, the ideal time to book your photo session is a few months before baby is born to assure availability.

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