May 17, 2023

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Newborn Photography Sandy Springs – Baby Emma

As a photographer who specializes in newborn photography in Sandy Springs, I’m always thrilled when parents contact me to schedule a photoshoot. That’s exactly what happened when Baby Emma’s parents contacted me shortly after her birth. Since I typically recommend to book in their second to third trimester, I often can not take last minute appointments, as I only do a limited number of sessions per month. But, I was thrilled to have a last minute opening in our photography studio for baby’s photos. I photographed Emma when she was 19 days old.


Before the photoshoot, I had a consultation with Emma’s parents to discuss their vision for the session. We talked about the types of poses, colors, and props that they were interested in. In addition, we discussed any special requests. I gave them some advice on how to prepare for the photoshoot. Reminded them to feed Emma right before leaving their home. And to give her a warm bath in the morning.

The day of the photos

The day of the session, they arrived promptly at 10:00AM. I like to do my newborn photos in the morning, as I find it is the best time to photograph them. During the session, we were able to capture some incredible shots of Emma. She was so sleepy and delicate. She let me posed her in different ways without waking up. We used a variety of props and backdrops to create a range of different looks and styles for the photos. I went through all my set-ups and even added more as she was being a dream model. The parents and I were thrilled with the results. And she slept the whole time. Usually, I plan to photograph for 3-4 hours with newborns as we move at their pace, but with baby Emma I was done in 2 hours.

Although I always encourage parents to get in the photos, Denise and Jose were not interested. However, we included their hands in a few of the images.

As a photographer, it’s always an honor to be able to capture such special moments in a family’s life. And with newborn photography, those fleeting moments are even more precious. Being able to document the beauty and innocence of a brand-new baby is truly a privilege. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph little Emma at just 19 days old.

If you are interested in newborn or maternity photography in Sandy Springs or metro Atlanta, please contact me to learn more about booking a photo session in our studios located in Sandy Springs, GA

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