September 9, 2020

baby girl photographed at home in Roswell, Ga

Home Newborn Photography in Roswell

I typically provide newborn photography in my studio located in Sandy Springs. But I can travel to client’s home for photos when requested. I recently provided newborn photography at home in Roswell, Ga.

I met Mia and her family for her newborn photos at their home in Roswell. Astrid contacted me to let me know she was pregnant and wanted me to photograph the new addition to the family, I was so excited. You see, I photographed big brother two years before when he was born and have taken pictures of Matias as an infant and toddler. You can check out Matias pictures here. It is such an honor to be trusted as a newborn photographer. However, it is an even more meaningful when they have already worked with me and trust me with their photos.

We discussed colors and styles for Mia’s newborn photo session. As soon as Mia arrived, mom let me know and we scheduled her photos. Since I was travelling to their home in Roswell, I needed to make sure to pack all we needed for her perfect photos.

I took pictures of Mia and the family when she was 14 days old. We used neutral colors with a pop of pink for baby’s pictures.

Babies lips, fingers, toes are just so adorable. I love capturing every single detail.

Her big brother Matias, who just turned 2 years old, was more interested in playing than family pictures. But he was excited to come and get in some photos in between playing. We were able to get some great photos of the family amongst the chaos. I love including siblings and parents in the newborn photos. And when that toddler is someone I photographed as a newborn, it makes my heart sing to have them in front of my lens again.

This beautiful yellow outfit that Mia is wearing belonged to mom. Astrid wore it as a baby. How special to that both mom and baby have worn the same outfit.

Mom wanted a handcrafted album for Mia, just like the album we had done for Matias. It turned out absolutely beautiful. I get these albums from Italy and the quality is excellent and last for decades. Imagine her grandchildren leafing through the pages of Mia’s newborn album many years from now and the joy that will bring.

Please contact me if you need newborn photography in the Atlanta metro area. Book your photo session a few months before baby is born to assure availability. If baby is already here, contact me for some last minute availability!

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