February 10, 2020

baby girl, awake, looking at camera and wrapped in pink on a pink backdrop

Baby Ever – Atlanta Newborn Photographer

Let me introduced you beautiful baby Ever! This sweet baby girl was in our Atlanta photography studio for her newborn photos. We photographed Ever when she was 28 days old. She not only gave me great camera contact, but also, beautiful, sleepy, newborn photos. Mom, is the super talented Atlanta based make-up-artist Tae Rene. As a result, she was involved in styling the photo session. Tae wanted to use pink as the main color for the baby photos to match the color scheme of the nursery.

baby girl, awake, looking at camera and wrapped in pink on a pink backdrop

I am always curious on how parents pick their babies name. So I asked mom how she picked Ever’s name – I always love finding out how the name was chosen. Tae told me that when she first started dating her husband David, she asked him how long he thought they would be together. He replied for “ever”- and that’s how they chose the name. Isn’t that the sweetest! The name was also perfect, as it rhymes with big sister’s name, Ella. I could tell from the first moment I met Ella that she adored her baby sister. Thus, it was easy to notice that she is already an amazing big sister.

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If you are expecting a baby, and would like to document those first few days, contact me to photograph your precious baby.

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