May 21, 2021

atlanta twin newborn girls

Atlanta Twin Newborn Photographer – Zoey and Kylie

Twin newborn girls

Meet Zoey and Kylie, identical twin sisters photographed at 1 month of age for their newborn photos at my home studio located in Sandy Springs, GA. I had the pleasure to meet and take maternity pictures of their mom Kelly. She was a client through the Pregnancy Aid Clinic. I started working with the PAC last year. I am able to offer a complimentary newborn as well as maternity photo session to a lucky patient/student of the clinic. It gives me so much joy to provide this service and get to meet these beautiful mamas and their babies. In this way, they can have beautiful images to remember this magical time.

Kelly came in for her maternity pictures at about 33 weeks. She is such a beautiful, glowing mom and ready to meet her new twin daughters. Big sister Emma was thrilled to be having two baby sisters, and you already could tell she will be a great helper.

Not only did I do maternity photos, but we also photographed her twin daughter. I met Zoey and Kylie when they were 1 month old. For the newborn photo session, mom wanted to use neutrals, light pink and grey for their photos. In addition, she also wanted to include elephants, as that is the decor of the nursery. I loved using that particular color scheme on their pictures.

Although the girls are identical twins, I could already tell that they each have their own little personalities. Zoey was chilled, more relaxed, and slept throughout most of the session. By comparison, Kylie was more alert, awake and especially was quick to let me know what she liked and didn’t like. I love photographing twins together, but I also like to take photos of each baby alone, as well as each baby with mom and dad. I come from a large family, and I have always cherished pictures of me alone with my parents.

As a mother, we love pictures of all of our children together, therefore, I loved being able to capture a few with big sister Emma.

Dad is thrilled to be amongst all the girls! He already knows he is outnumbered!

Loved meeting and photographing the Chavez family!

Please contact me to document these fleeting moments and help you remember all the tiny details. Remember, the ideal time to book is a few months before baby is born.

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