April 10, 2023

baby laying on flowers

A Newborn Photography Session – Atlanta

Capturing Charlotte’s First Moments

In most cases, it’s the mothers who reach out to me when it comes to newborn photography sessions. But in Brian’s case, it was different. He took it upon himself to find the perfect photographer to capture his newborn’s first moments. He wanted his wife Lindsay to not have to worry about it. By taking the initiative to find the best photographer, Brian showed his commitment to being an active participant in his family’s memories.

During the discussion about styling the photo session, they expressed a preference for greens. They were going to choose the remaining colors once the baby arrived, since they were waiting to find out the baby’s gender. Once Charlotte Rose arrived, they also chose pinks and lavenders.

I love to capture the details of the baby’s tiny toes and delicate hands. Using the parents’ hands in the photoshoot helps to emphasize just how small the baby is.

tiny little toes
tiny little fingers

Lindsay and Brian shared they met at Georgia Tech and enjoyed living in Atlanta. Furthermore, they were very excited to begin their new family. I really loved photographing the family portion and capturing all the smiles Ms Charlotte gave me. We had such a good variety of poses and expressions.

During the newborn photography session, I enjoy incorporating various props such as beds, buckets, and bowls to add interest and creativity to the shoot.

Capturing the magic of Charlotte’s newborn photos is important, as we all know the newborn stage is a fleeting moment. It passes by all too quickly. Newborn grow up so fast, thus, you want to be able to look back on those first few weeks with your child. Above all, you want to remember how tiny they were. How sweet they smelled. What noises they made when they slept and how much you loved them.
Newborn photographs capture all of these things for you in a way that no other type of photo can do–they’re just too precious! Please contact me to learn more about baby photo sessions here in the Atlanta area.

baby laying on flowers

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