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Parents, can you believe you are looking at Senior photos for your baby? Where have the years gone by. I know that in your eyes, they are still the little baby you brought home, watch take their first steps, celebrate their accomplishments, and even shed a few tears. But now they are the young adult you have raised them to be and soon will be starting a new chapter in their life.

Senior photos capture this milestone and provide a tangible memory of this important time in a person’s life.

As they move away to college or to start their new life, you will look back at these photos and bring back sweet memories.

I love photographing high school seniors, showcasing their unique personality and interest, who they are right now. Creating wall art or album that you can look at when they are away and feeling their presence is what I love to do.

At Mariela Duval Photography in Atlanta, Georgia, I use a camera to help you capture and document those precious moments and emotions. Every moment shapes the future, and I love having the opportunity to capture those moments to put a smile on someone’s face or comfort a loved one. As forgettable as ordinary little details may seem now, they become unforgettable and extraordinary when you look back on them in the future.  
This is your time to shine, your shoot, and I will photograph you to capture who you are.

"EVERY Shoot, I see the WORLD through a Whole New Lens. YOUR Story will be Different from the Last, and This IGNITES My Passion all over again. "

My process

Once you contact me, we will set up a phone conversation. I will explain my process and also learn about your vision. In this way, we can get to know each other a little bit and see if we are a good fit. 

We will spend some time getting to know you to ensure we create images that fit your personality or style. We’ll discuss your likes and dislikes, what makes you laugh and what moves you. We will talk about your favorite things, your hobbies, your favorite places, etc.

We will discuss your photo session, your expectations, my process, the investment and answer any questions.

Phone Call Consultation

Together we will pick the location that best fits your personality and the look and feel you want in your final images. As we get to know you, we will be able to narrow down the best locations for you.

This can be anywhere from a park, urban landscape, sports field, or any place that is meaningful to you or fits who you are.

Some of my favorite places for High School Senior photos include Garrard Landing Park, Blackburn Park, Westside Provision, Roswell Mill, downtown Alpharetta

The Location

Planning your wardrobe is very important. You want your outfits to reflect you and your personality. Choose clothing that you feel the best in and that shows off your personality. Bring 4- 5 outfits, so we can narrow them down together.

Bring variety ranging from casual to formal to create different looks for your photos. Make sure that your clothes are different from one another. Don't forget to incorporate different necklines, textures, and fabrics in your selection.  

For whatever colors you choose to wear, they should complement each other. 
Plan your outfits ahead of time, to avoid the stress of choosing the night before. Don’t forget to actually try the outfits on too, so you can see how the pieces work together.

What to wear for your senior photos

The day of your photos! We will meet at a location of your choice about 2 hours before sunset (or if you are an early riser, 1 hour after sunrise).

For girls, I highly recommend professional make-up and hair and can make suggestions, if needed.

Make sure you iron your clothes, and you are ready to shine in front of the camera

The photo session will take 1 - 2 hours depending on how many outfit changes you do.

Your Senior Photo Session

Reveal and Ordering your Senior Photos

Approximately 3-7 days following your photo session, we will review your images over zoom or I can send you an online gallery and you will make your image selections for purchase.

All prints, digitals, and products are sold separately


I'm Mariela

Time is a thief! Days may feel like they drag, but years go by so fast!

It seemed like yesterday, you were bringing your baby home, the sleepless night, your baby walking, running, playing sports, starting school and now graduating from high-school. Time does not slow down!

Let me capture this amazing adventure they are about to embark on, and their personality, their likes, and talents, to remember just how they are as young adults.

I am Mariela, and this is a little about me. I am the mother of three boys, the wife of my hero and most amazing man, and the sister to 5 gorgeous ladies. I am a pharmacist and I specialize in pediatrics - so I have always worked with children. I am extremely passionate about Cystic Fibrosis, and when I am not with a camera, I am talking to children living with Cystic Fibrosis about their medications in the clinic at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Oh yes, and I love, love to travel, and I am always planning our next trip! And is best to talk to me after I had a cup of coffee in the morning.

Meet your



Memories of a Lifetime

  • Images, prints, products are purchased separately
  • 1 - 2 hour photo session

Session Fee $150


50 Digital Images                $ 2000

40 Digital Images                $1700

20 Digital Images                $1400

10 Digital images               $1000

1 Digital Image                $125


(5) Prints 8 x10 and (1) print 11 x14


- (1) Heirloom Album 10 x10 or 8 x12 (20 pages)  

- (25) Digital images


- (1) Heirloom Album 10 x10 or 8 x12 (20 pages) 

-  (1) Canvas up to 20 x 30 

- 40 digital images



  12 x 18    $400   

16 x 20     $500

16 x 24     $500

20 x 30     $650


8 x 10 or smaller   $100

11 x 14     $180

16 x20      $280

20 x 30     $380


Heirloom Album         $ 1300
(10 x10 or 8 x 12- 20 pages, additional 2 pages $100 each)

(Handcrafted in Italy)


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